Fresh Aire

Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Revitalizer

A water-based air purifier, is just another variation of an air purifier that uses hydro purification technology to trap polluted air, smoke, nasty smells, pollen, spores and dust. Then purified air is atomized and released back into the surrounding area, leaving our environment fresh and pollution free. 

It sends your home’s dirty air into its water basin and gets all of the solid particulates wet (including pollen, dirt, dust and dander)and lock them into the water without any expensive filters.

An added benefit to using a water-based air revitalizer is that they are very affordable when compared to other air purifiers as you won’t need to purchase countless replacement filters. Simply just change the water in the bowl and it's clean again.

By Adding 2-3 drops of fragrance oil or any of your favorite essential oil, these machines can provide aromatherapy while cleaning the air.