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Prompt and accurate

It came quickly and should take care of me foe awhile.

Excellent value

I ordered the kit with extra bulbs, a transformer and a quartz sleeve. It is worth ordering the extra parts for the large savings. The packaging was well done and no damaged parts. It is well made and installed with no problems into my current plumbing. All appears to be working as designed and I plan to test my water soon to verify all is working. I certainly would recommend this to anyone who is competent to work with plumbing.

Great service

BulbsWere very well packaged and arrive very quickly I am pleased with the price thanks very much for a good job

Uv light bulb + transformer

Received items, quickly, installed works very good

Two ballasts and 2 lights ordered

Very responsive, good product, good communication, great staff and great customer service

Carbon Block Cartridges

I have installed two cartridges side by side on my municipal supplied water system, it’s been over a week, still seem to smell a little plastic or chemical residue . Hopefully this will dissipate completely, seems to be getting better, but I am not drinking the water so far if I can avoid it

Product exceeds expectations

I bought this product for my boat that is in a Slip in Salt Water. Specifically, I attached the input 3/8 supply to a Sharkbite to Hose bib adapter with City water.

I flushed my pre filters for 15 minutes and then connected the RO Membrane and post taste filter. I let that run for 20 minutes and verified that there were no leaks - completely dry. I then placed into my dock box and added a NEMA-15 converter plug for the pump and all was set. I egress the waste water through a small hole drilled in the bottom of the box. I purchased 40 feet of 1/4 tubing to connect to the output of the R/O unit and then ran that to the Deck fill point on my boat. I let the unit run into a sample cup and found the following :

On my Boat I have 120 gallons of Fresh water tank storage. I use a pre-filter which is a 30 micro spun Poly filter and that goes to the water heater and house cold supply. For Drinking I have a First Need 0.4micron filter setup which delivers biologically safe drinking water but does not impact the TDS value at all. It will give me biologically pure salt water if I hooked it up to the ocean.

Flow Rate 0.69oz/second or 19.4Gph
Hose TDS On Input 648PPM which amazingly is "potable" Ventura CA City water.
TDS on Output measured from my boat sink faucet or drinking water filter (the same TDS). 38PPM
Expensive Land RO Water purchased from a Vending machine was 20PPM.

Unit runs quietly and all I do is turn on the hose and plug in the pump and I have fresh water filling up my water tanks.

One request would be a Y valve for allowing the user to direct the pre-filter (3) output into a user-supplied 3/8 tube for the specific purpose of flushing the 3 pre-filters due to a change in them. I don't think that it's a good idea to be subjecting the R/O filter to this stream of debris, even in the recommended bypass mode.

Another request is to offer this Product without the supplied tall Faucet which I have no need for on a boat.

I would like to be able to update this Review in Six months and hopefully I still have nothing but good things to say about it.

Plastic mounts very unsatisfied

The mount for the uv filter should be metal or some kind of stronger material than the plastic mounts that come with it. The plastic mounts have broken within the first couple of days due to the weight. Very unsatisfied with the plastic mounts.

Love this item. It makes the so awesome. Clean air and I breathe so much better.

love this

i own a small salon suite and i use the air purifier for work. this was a great investment! it reacts right away when new chemicals are in the air. highly recommend

burnt out bulbs

I guess the bulbs may have gotten wet. I could not tell. One lasted three months the other a month. I have purchased a third and tightened the cap as tight as it will go. If I have another one go I'll need to contact you for help. I must be doing something wrong. I am sure I have the "o" ring on correctly...?.

Bluonics Dual Whole House Water Filter Purifier w/Carbon Block and Sediment Filters
Peter TIGHE (North Fort Myers, Florida, United States)

I installed unit, and it is working good ,the only problem is there were no instructions which filter goes in first. and little help as to where and act.

I bought the sediment & carbon filter set with ultraviolet light for the purpose of removing sulphur smell from well water to cabin. It has been installed for about a month & has the sulphur smell is still very strong.

Great product

We use well water for everything in our household and after getting my water tested for a refinance I saw we had bacteria in our water. We have a puronics filter but the only thing its does not filter out is bacteria. Once we installed this filter we had perfect water throughout the house. Worth getting and did not reduce the water pressure.

Clean water

Peace of mind when it comes to healthy safe water.

Good product

Item was as advertised and was delivered on time. I purchased an identical product from another manufacturer last year which never worked correctly. So far, the Bluonics product is working well.

Great service

Prompt fast delivery.

Exceeded expectations

Totally blown away by the quality and features. Delivered on time. Best review I’ve ever given anyone

Big Blue CTO Carbon Block & Sediment 4.5" x 20" Replacement Filter Cartridges
Virginia Spear (Forest Grove, Oregon, United States)

We got our replacement filters today They are very easy to change thank you for the help

Amazing product and support team! ❤

Its nice to have! Gives us peace of mind every time 💯❤

Best replacement water filters ive used. Im on a well.

Very satisfied.. definite improvement in the air quality.

Filter Subscription

I get a subscription for a yearly replacement of my filters and uv light. This is very convenient and the filters work well to prefilter the water before going through the uv bulb.

Easy to install.

I installed it with ease and "NO" leaks. I followed the advice of others and used both pipe putty and plumbers tape. When the water was turned on I opened every faucet in the home to flush the system and to be honest there is a significant drop in water pressure to the home, however with only 2 people living here it's a rare ocaison when more than one faucet on at any given time. The filter was a sediment filter. Perhaps that has an influence on the flow rate. I plan on increasing the regulator adjustments and have confidence the pressure will return to normal. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase and would recommend Bluonics for anyone looking for a whole house filter. Many Thanks.

Fragrance Replacement for Fresh Aire Water Based Air Purifier
Mark Butcher (Lexington, Kentucky, United States)

What we ordered and what we got was not the same. We ordered the anti smoke but received the relaxing one. Its OK but not what we ordered