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Great Filters

Got rid of my 20 year old filters and upgraded my system. The Bluonics have a bigger o ring seal than the previous. This makes for a better seal than before. Much easier to use and will last longer than the previous. I shopped prices and these filters were much cheaper and better than the other.

clean water

have high solids filter works great have to change every month. would go broke buying it at a big box store

Great company with great value in pricing.

Thank you for the great products that you provide. I will continue to be your happy customer. Your service to me is FIVE STAR.

Filters are great. Do you sell less than 5 micron filters?

Replacement canister

Knowledgeable sales rep. Correct product. Quick delivery. Need I say more? Good job Bluonics!

Bluonics provides a great product and customer service.

Awesome RO

Very easy to setup, customer support is the best understand you and provide solution to your needs

Water purifier

Waiting on missing/replacement parts for install. Unit looks to be very well built.

Great product, install instructions and photos are a bit unclear, but once it was figured out it went together well. Thanks!!

Replacement housing

Original canister cracked this was a replacement and so far everything is working good

Works great!

Instillation was not bad pugged it in and it has been working without touching it for months


The BLUONICS FRESH AIRE PURIFIER seems to remove a lot of dust and allergens which have been more of a problem since I have been working from home. I can see that the water turns cloudy and shows a film in the bottom of the bowl. Apparently proof that it is cleaning the air. I'm not so sure that the air is "atomized" by this machine. It also offers some humidity in a dry climate at 6200 ft. elevation. Overall a fresh smell and I don't have the sinus headaches.

So far so good

Package came in a timely matter and it was a fair price. The filters seem to work well.

Water filter

Put in on in 5 minutes and it make the water taste so good. Will definitely buy another one.

Does the job!!!

We live on well water and get coliform in the water. Now we no longer have to treat the well. All our tests come back clean now. It was easy to install and maintaining is nothing more then a new light once a year.

Pure clean water

Didn't take long to hook it up. If your any kind of a handy man you wouldn't have any issues setting this up. After you purge the system and follow the instructions by far the cleanest and purist water I have ever drank. Good buy!!!

Fantastic tasting water now safe for my family

I have a private well in rural DeWitt county Texas at our retirement home we moved into last year. We purchased the home from an older couple, one of which was an RN and the other, a hospital lab we assumed they would have had the well tested for safety. After moving in, we noticed stains forming on the rings of our toilet shortly after digging a new pond. That prompted me to have the water tested and found the water was contaminated by chloroform. After a lot of research, we decided we wanted something safer than a chlorinator which was the only alternative offered up by our water purification company in town. That lead to our purchase of the 110 Two bulb UV from Bluonics and one of the tubes housing a bulb arrived broken. One call to Bluonics toll free number was all it took to have a new tube sent for free. I also asked for Orings, which were not in the shipment which was most likely the culprit for the broken tube. While waiting, I researched more, now nervous about installing the delicate tubes! So discussed with Bluonics by phone, who recommended the triple filter whole house system. I paid up by not ordering them as a package deal, as I wanted to add the carbon filter and one micron filter after I was told that salt system conditioners like mine can add sediment from the salt as well.

I paid a licensed plumber $300 to install the light and filter system pictured after having disinfected the well and entire house plumbing and hot water heater with chlorine. 45 5 gallon buckets hauled away to the gravel drive to keep chlorine out of the septic system later, my back and bad knee hurt for two days! I am now 100% confident that I will never have to do that again now that we have this new setup.

Installation hints: .there is no photo in the instructions but Bluonics texted a photo for how to place the Orings on the tubes, so make sure you put the O rings on correctly on the outer tubes to avoid any leaks. Also, using the same type of Flexible metal water supply lines that are used on hot water heaters gives a “no plastic” / “no leak” connection for the water inflow and outflow 1 inch connections. My plumber did not have to use pipe dope on any of the UV light connections by doing this. We had no leaking issues like I had read about and used no tape nor excess dope like some reviewers had noted.

Now we have water that taste better than the bottled water we were drinking before. Thank you Bluonics for all the help and quickly returning all my calls and the great service.