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Great filters

Fast delivery and great value! I use these for my whole house filters and in the summer often need to use creek water for our home! These filters clean out the dirt and provide clean water to do our daily activities.

service fast, product as described. couldn't expect anything better. thanks

Bluonics Fresh Aire Purifier, Black Color with 6 LED Color Changing Lights
james ledford (Anderson, South Carolina, United States)
clean air

great item.i thouraly enjoy it


Thank you so much…
Love my water system!

Great product

Got the unit plumbed in and now enjoying clean water.
Previous filter used was a single 2.5"x10", and we did not know what good tasting, clear water was!

Yes I really like my Purifier it does put off a fresh scent and I love the changing colors but I just wish it was a little bigger for my home

Bluonics Undersink Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Clear Canister 2.5"x10"
Millie Hanking (Spring Hill, Florida, United States)

Quick shipping and easy to install , very satisfied!

Satisfied customer

Very helpful sales staff figured out what replacement ultraviolet bulb I needed. I ordered 3 bulbs they all arrived in perfect condition and on time. I would recommend this company.

Exceptional service

Absolutely thrilled not to be forced to purchase this product from Amazon. Purchase could not have been easier and seamless. Product arrived in a very timely manner with the order complete. Shocking. Installed two days later with ease and system is working great. I have yet to grow tired of the constant praises from my family about how great the water tastes and smells (or lack there of smell). Very, very pleased and thankful for this company. Already recommended this company to many. I hate writing or reading reviews, because I feel that most are B.S., but made an exception for this company.

havent placed your filter system yet. will do after new hot water heater install. looking forward to it.

Leaking out of the fittings

Being a pipe fitter by trade, the unit leaked out of both fittings no matter how much I tightened them and using Teflon tape. The company is great as far as response as they are sending me a new unit. I just hope the next one seals better. Over all the water quality in noticeably better for the short time I've had my leaking unit installed, just have to empty the bucket that catches the drips every 2 days until the new unit arrives.


It works great. I can smell the freshness in the air

Case is f water filters

I ordered a case of filters. I have a heck of a time finding them in my small town. I have well water that is very potable but smells sometimes. The filters came quickly with a 20% discount and free shipping. I saved $15 dollars a filter not considering the gas and what time it worth. Great great product and value. I a huge fan and will use this company again and recommend them to everyone. I love a happy ending. Thanks Bluonics

System is fine, next time i will get the 10 inches length. So it is easier to handle. I figure out how by sit down N rest the canister on my lap to remove and insert

Great fit for off grid application

I am pleased with the 55 Watt UV light system. It fits well in my off grid well set up. I have installed it in the well casing for convenience and to prevent freezing, and it works great on a small inverter, tied to a charge controller, with a small (2- 12v battery) storage bank.

Whole house filter

I ordered a replacement filter housing failed and water was free flowing every where. I was home and able to turn the water off . I was unable to get a new filter housing locally so I ordered one to be shipped. I had to reroute the plumbing while waiting for the filter housing. I now have the replacement housing but have not recruited the plumbing again to install it because I am concerned it will fail when I am not home to turn the water off. I am hesitant to to install it again.

Great product Great price

Great product Great price

Fantasy land shipping

I expected to install this at a new property but did not receive it until I returned from my trip.
While Blueonics said they "shipped" my order 19 days (Friday) ago truth is their shipper did not pick it for 3 or 4 days after I was told it shipped.
I do not know if this stuff works as advertised or not.

h2o filters

everything is going smoothly will let you know in 6 months

Great product, great company

Great fast shipping
Quality product
Shipped fast!
Thank you

So far so good it's only been a year but made a huge difference in my faucet screens

Great filter

The filter did what it was bought for it took me 2 hours to install it


I love my bluonics air purifier. My daughter could tell a difference in the air quality without even knowing I got it! And not having to replace a filter awesome!

Thanks so much for such an awesome product and not charging an arm and a leg like the other companies.

no instructions

We really like the filters BUT ------ There were NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to install the filters.. in what order.

My husband first installed the 1 micron, then the 20 and finally the carbon. The water tasted TERRIBLE. After a phone call, we found out that the carbon needed to be in the middle.

So then we had 1 micron, carbon and ended with the 20. The water was still TERRIBLE.

My husband did not realize the 20 had to be first. So after more talking he switched the 1 micron and the 20 micron around with the carbon in the middle. We got good water after that.

It just seemed very odd that the filters came with zero instructions on how to install. If he was not a carpenter and all around handy man, he also would not have known how to hook the filters up. Sometime this expensive deserves a HOW TO manual for installation.