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Not good still smells

Changed 1 2x10 for 3 4x10 filters no better

Make it better

On smaller whole house filters I could rotate a handle 90deg on top to shut off both supply and supplied sides. That made for easy cleaning and filter change. Would be nice and reduce my costs.

Almost perfect

Non-standard install. Had to place in basement right under sink area due to space considerations. Only trouble was connector from line to faucet. It leaked. Followed all suggestions but still leaked. Replaced with “SharkBite” brand and no problems. Works fine. Will update if any other failures. Nice product.

Easy simple and working

this was easy to install for me, (I am not a plumber, ) simple installation, great for are off grid homestead.

First time getting the hard blue plastic filter. But I think that may be the one that impacted the most. Water is coming out way better and doesn’t stink. Also fast shipping and most stores don’t carry good filters


So far I am completely impressed and happy with this product. Makes my bedroom and pet areas smell extremely freash. Very quet running. Would reccomend to anyone. Hope to buy another one.

Replacement like original

Part was as a perfect fit to replace the original which broke. Customer service was great.


Very refreshing smell with a quiet hum . It has helped my sinus problems it seems. Smaller than I thought it would be.

55w UV bulbs

Received replacement bulbs in good condition. Thank you. Great customer service. Glad to do business with Bluonics and will continue to do so in the future.

Mrs. Juanita Kelly

Well, they wouldn’t fit our Whirlpool whole house unit, so I figured it would be costly to send them all back so instead I ordered the whole house filter container that will work with the filters. So we’ll see how that works

Water tastes great!

We love this system. The water tastes delicious! Only thing that we found frustrating was that the installation instructions are far too vague for amateurs like my husband and me. Most people said installation was easy but for us it was not. LOL. Could be "user" error. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Surprised by the ease of installation.

When the unit arrived, my initial inspection made me think it was going to be tedious to install without having leaks result. But it installed first try with no leaks. Almost immediately noticed an improvement in water quality. I had to shock our well with a mixture of bleach and vinegar to minimize corrosion on the well casing. This was because the plumbing in the house after the UV light filter was already contaminated from earlier use. After that, our water was clean and bright. We also added a sediment filter upstream from the UV light filter. All in all very pleased!

Wors as described

It was an easy install. I connected it to a timed switch so that I would not accidentally leave it on and reduce the bulb life. Just nice to know that I have fresh ultra clean water anytime I need it. You can't trust municipalities to deliver safe water these days.

I haven’t installed it yet! You should’ve stated “most people that buy this product also by filters.”. I just ordered your filters but you could have list money had I gone to a hardware store!

Better Water

The hardest part of the installation. Was finding the right place. I have a well. I was getting sediment in my water. After the installation. My water not only looks clear it tastes better.

Unfortunately my order didn't go very well... It was placed on 2-9-21 and not finally received until 2/25/21. There was some confusion about the physical address " UPS Only" and the PO BOX which is "USPS Only" The order was shipped twice with this confusion, then finally came on the 3rd try only because I had caught the 2nd error as it was leaving the warehouse that day. Then it took them an additional 4 days before the 3rd shipment left the warehouse. In the meantime I'm working away in a remote location and the parts were for a rental house. Had to pay extra for someone to go there to put in a temp bypass, then will have to pay again to have them remove the bypass and install the glass tube. Also paid $30 extra for 2nd day air or so I was told, and then the 3rd attempt took 7 days to arrive... Never was anything extended to me to help offset the extra costs incurred by me by the mistakes and delays on the shipping, as I had said... it didnt go well.

Very pleased with the unit, and impressed with the new filter. It looks well made and I just ordered it to have when I need to change the filter.