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Quartz sleeve

When package arrived 1 of the sleeves was cracked.

Easy installation!! We were borderline on the cryptosporidium but I am sure this product will take care of the issue!!

Water treatment

Excellent product. Can rest assured we have safe drinking water.

So Far So Good

The filter works just fine but wonder how to tell when the replacement is needed. Installation was simple and easy.

excellent service great product

great to do business with the best product and fast fast delivery
will order again soon


Ordered these filters because they work fantastic on my well system.

UV Bulbs

They were not broken when delivered as has happened before so I am happy

So far, it appears to be working great! Please express my gratitude to the gentleman who called to discuss my filter needs period apparently, a 15 micron filtration rate, is better for my situation, then they 5 micron period thanks again!

Water Operator

These filter work very well.

Carbon filter

Now that I’ve finally been able to get the men to install two carbon filters, and one thread, I’m pleased to report that it’s gotten the rest of the odor out of the water. I was going to return a whole box full of the filters, but by the time I pay the shipping on it, I might as well just hang onto them even though I won’t have a need or use of them. I hope these filters last more than two weeks, before I have to change them out again.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer Replacement Silver Nut Open End
Sonja Staines (Spring, Texas, United States)
Timely service

Thank you for your efficient system and timely service.

Well water cartriges

Great quality at good price
Thank You

Great Product

I live in a mobile home in Southern CA. The local water does not taste that great. Also making ice cubes in silicone ice trays, they are tough to remove due to hard water making ice stick to the trays. I installed the single 4 stage 10000 gallon 3 year filter under my kitchen sink. The water now tastes much better, and the ice no longer sticks to the ice trays. The filter works great and is connected to the existing sink faucet with no loss of water pressure. On my installation on the filter output I installed a splitter to also supply my refrigerator ice maker. I also installed an inline water meter between the filter and faucet / refrigerator feed so I know when I get to 10000 gallons.

Bought 3 now.

I have bought and the installed three of these units. Now. They're easy to install and they work great.

Bluonics 2pcs Replacement O-Ring for our Dual Whole House Water Filter System
Jim Kase (Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States)

Bluonics 2pcs Replacement O-Ring for our Dual Whole House Water Filter System

Water filter

Good filters, at a good price with fast shipping. Thanks

whole house

set this 3 stage system w/ UV, up on a new home with municipal water. The first thing I noticed was absolutely no chlorine order. Friends came in and said how great the water tasted. No rings in the bathrooms, the cloths are cleaner no build up in the showers. Very cost effective and a fantastic product.

8 Big Blue Sediment Water Filters 4.5" x 10" ( 1 Micron) Whole House Cartridges
Robert Wierman (Saint Germain, Wisconsin, United States)
Bluonic filters

I ordered bluonic water filters 4.5x10 1 micron filters and am extremely pleased.They take out the sediment and rust out.Would highly recommend to anyone with there own well.

20-pack 4.5" x 10" Big Blue Sediment Replacement Water Filters 5-Micron Whole House Cartridges for Rust, Iron, Sand, Dirt and Undissolved Particles

Bluonics 12 pc Replacement Water Filter Set for Our 4 Stage UV Under Sink Filter System. Sediment Carbon Block GAC UV Bulb

Great Support

I received a hidden damage on bulbs in a very well protected package that was stepped on in transit from delivery company .Bluonics responded to my email of the damage and resent me replacement bulbs right away . Thank you for hassle free customer support.


Bluonics Ultraviolet Sterilizer Lamp Clear Silicon Seals O-rings
John Smith (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States)
O rings to stop leaks

Older system began leaking. O rings apparently decay over time. New O-rings fixes leak. Fast delivery, excellent help finding correct product. Hopefully buying multiple will keep the problem at bay, but if not I will return and buy from Bluonics again.

20" x 2.5" Sediment & CTO Carbon Replacement Filter Set for our Triple System

Good system

Everything you want in a water system has excellent value. Not hard to install everything color coded. Take your time and push the fitting in till you know they reach the end. The tank valve will leak if you do not tighten it all the way o the tank body and use lots of tape at least 8 wraps. Produces some of the best I have got from my well