Bluonics 5 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis RO Drinking Water Filter NSF Certified 50 GPD Solid Housings, 4 yrs Supply


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  • Under sink Reverse Osmosis water filtration and softener for pure, safer and healthier water. Bluonics 5 stage RO system removes up to 99% of over 1000 contaminants,
  • including lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, sodium and more.
  • Enjoy clean, safe, good-tasting water for your family every time you turn on the faucet, better than most bottled water. Experience fresher healthier baby formula, tea and coffee, better tasting foods and crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Premium quality RO system ensures highest durability, highest reliability and low maintenance for many years to come.
  • Includes 4 years of supply. Total filters included: 4 Sediment Filters, 4 Carbon Block Filters, 4 GAC Carbon Filters, 2 GAC Carbon Post Filters, 1 Membrane (50GPD)
  • Complete system with easy and DIY instruction, including complete color coded tubing and all installation hardware. Also has Quick Connect Fittings to easy setup.
  • New Style one piece manifold with 3-in-1 housing caps that provides a seamless water path effectively eliminating all connections between the housings.

  • Questions about water or air purification systems? Contact us at (888) 207-8939. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Patrick Negaard
    Easy simple and working

    this was easy to install for me, (I am not a plumber, ) simple installation, great for are off grid homestead.

    JoAnna Finney (Denver, Colorado, United States)
    Water tastes great!

    We love this system. The water tastes delicious! Only thing that we found frustrating was that the installation instructions are far too vague for amateurs like my husband and me. Most people said installation was easy but for us it was not. LOL. Could be "user" error. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

    Peggy bechtold (Omaha, Nebraska, United States)
    We love it

    It's great!

    jamie hanson
    Pure clean water

    Didn't take long to hook it up. If your any kind of a handy man you wouldn't have any issues setting this up. After you purge the system and follow the instructions by far the cleanest and purist water I have ever drank. Good buy!!!

    Richard Calhoun (Amarillo, Texas, United States)
    Exactly what I thought I was buying

    The unit came quickly, and was simple enough to install. I did spend longer installing it than I thought I would, but that is usually true with most plumbing projects. All the parts were there, the instructions were clear enough and I’m generally pleased with the purchase. It was a great value for the price.

    Donald Hart (Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States)
    We love it!

    Peace of mind for drinking water. We use it for anything and everything that we will consume just to know it’s been filtered down and is safe! 👍

    Fyodor Mansour (Santa Clarita, California, United States)

    Excellent product. As good as advertised.

    Robert Burns (Johnson City, Texas, United States)
    A very good system

    I was buying bottled water from a kiosk in town for years. That water wasn’t very good, but more drinkable than our tap water. The kiosk water was not reliable either. I’d heard about these systems and found bluonics to have a good price and good reviews. I am not disappointed! It was pretty easy to install and directions were well written. Such great tasting water now! Also, thank you for waiting until it has been used to ask for a review. I get really annoyed when a company asks for a review the second the delivery hits the front porch.

    Gary Adams (Georgetown, Texas, United States)
    Just Water

    Water is taken for granted until you start 'tasting things' in every glass you drink or every pot of coffee you brew. Suddenly you see why some are forced to buy bottled water, to stop 'tasting things'. The Bluonics 5 stage RO system is a straightforward installation that made me very happy with my water again. Even the ice cubes are improved, crystal clear, with nothing added to the taste. Highly recommended.

    Laura Schleicher (Fremont, California, United States)
    Clean water

    Nice system, good tasting water, quality products. Highly recommend. Did have to go to u tube to install, instructions are scanty.

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