Under Sink Water Filtration

If you are looking for a DIY water filtration system for drinking water, or when Reverse Osmosis is not an option for you, Bluonics has other purification methods that you can use to make your water safe for drinking.

Bluonics 4 stage filters are compact, easy to install and cost efficient. These under-sink filtration system do not have a waste water line so they do not reject water to waste.

Bluonics Under-sink filters gives you alternatives for reducing organic compounds and chemicals in water, reducing the bad taste and odor in tap water without a reverse osmosis.

This category of Bluonics water filters are very popular for the following usages:

  • Under-sink cabinets space limitation
  • Maximum water preservation
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Boats

These filters do not remove all the good minerals from the water if you are concern about the low mineral TDS drinking water by Reverse Osmosis.