AIR purifier FREQUENTLY asked questions 

Is it okay to use compound essential oil or natural essential oil?

Yes, just remember to wash the bowl more often.

Can you provide instructions to clean the water based air purifier?  We have dirt build-up behind the flat plastic plate, is that removable?

After a while you can get build-up behind the flat plastic plate. 

Just remove the motor shaft and wash it with soap and water. It’s on there pretty hard, but if you pull hard enough it should come off.  

For Air Plus Room 5-IN-1 , does the On/off button stays on all the time?

Yes it does, unless you unplug the unit.

How Can I run Air Plus Room 5-IN-1 quietly?

There is a sleep mode on the unit, press the Mode button and select "Sleep", your unit will work without any noises.

How often should I change the filter for Air Plus Room and Air Plus Mini?

We highly recommend to change the air filter every 6-9 months.