Whole House & Well Systems FREQUENTLY asked questions 

With Bluonics whole house system, do I still need to install a water softener if my water is very hard?

If your source water has a high level of hardness you also need water softener, usually with TDS higher than 700 PPM. Hard water can reduce the lifespan of whole house water filter cartridges. The harder the water, the greater amount of scale buildup occurs, and the sooner the filters get clogged. To determine which product best suits your needs, it is recommended that you get a professional water test done prior to purchase to identify the main issue of your source water.

We recommend  to install the softener , Bluonics filters and then the UV system.

Note: Water Softeners and whole house systems usually do not lower the TDS level of the water. An additional Reverse Osmosis system may be necessary for your drinking water. 

We have hardness in our water, can we use UV system to help with that?

UV system is not a water softener. It kills bacteria, for the hardness, bluonics filters are excellent to remove sediment, chlorine, odors and many other chemicals and contaminants.

I have a water softener, where should I install the UV system?

You should always install the UV sterilizer last, after the softener, Filtration systems or the tank. If the water is cloudy or high in turbidity, it is essential to treat the water prior to treating with UV light.

Bluonics Well Water Solution

What is the actual size for the 20” Big Blue housing?

Bluonics 20" Housing is 24in long thats from top of cap to very bottom and 7.5in x 7.5in wide at the widest point which is top of the cap.

What to do if the Big blue leaks from the brass fitting?

The 1" ports are sometimes a little harder to get a seal. Use few wraps of teflon tape (no pipe dope) until you can't see the treads, this should stop the leak.

What is the measurement for the Triple Big Blue ?

My house has 3/4” plumbing, how can I install one of your Big blue with 1” port?

If you have 3/4" plumbing, you can easily get the reducing fittings (Reducer) when installing the unit. You can find those in any hardware stores.