Two 20" BLUONICS Big Blue Whole House Water Filters with Sediment & Carbon 4.5 x 20" Filter Cartridges Included

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  • COMPLETE: 2 Complete 20 inch big solid housing, 1"NPT inlet/outlet, with plastic wrench, 4 x screws, and metal bracket
  • POWERFUL: 1" MNTP Inlet / Outlet, 20”x4.5” Filter Cartridges has minimum impact on water flow. With a large capacity housing it can be used for high flow applications such as city/municipal or well water. Flow rate : 5-15 GPM (Depend on Feed Water Pressure)
  • RELIABLE:  Fits all standard sized 4.5 x 20 inch industry whole house cartridges. All housings come with pressure release button for high pressure making it easier to replace the filter.
  • This system is not a Reverse Osmosis and will NOT reduce (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids from your water. Looking for a system to remove TDS, you can check Bluonics RO systems. The cartridges are individually wrapped for freshness. Please unwrap the cartridges before using them.


Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI.

Temperature:  40-110°F/5-45°C, Shelf life: 5 Years.

Standard sized housing for 4.5" x 20" filters

Filters Included:  4.5 x 20" Sediment filter (5 microns) to Remove sand, dirt, sediment, and Carbon block filter (5 Microns) to remove chlorine, taste & odors, Expected life time: 6 months. (depends on water quality)

Protect filter housing from freezing.

The rubber o-ring provides a good grip between the cap and the sump. Please make sure that the o-ring be properly seated in the groove to avoid any leaks.

Great after-sales customer support: 30-day money-back guarantee. Extended manufacturer warranty. Lifetime tech support from Bluonics in Sacramento, California, USA (888) 207-8939


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gerald (Marquette, Michigan, United States)
Well Made

Well made holders with brass thread inserts in heavy plastic cases. Nice heavy painted brackets to fasten to the wall. Easily the best of the large filters holders,

HILAIRE VAN DOOREN (St. Petersburg, Florida, United States)


Dynamic plumbing (Centennial, Colorado, United States)
Big blue 4.5”x20”

Installed one so far. Had to use longer bolts on the bracket because the holes are out of spec for the bolts that were sent. I used 5/16 lag screws that were longer and they hold well. The 5 micron filter didn’t fit gray and I initially had a leak but repositioned and everything is fine so far.

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