Bluonics 10" Blue Whole House Water Filter with 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge Included for Rust, Iron, Sand, Dirt, Sediment and Undissolved Particles


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  • DURABLE: Heavy-duty Construction with Double O Ring Seal Gasket. Standard size US NPT 3/4" Brass Ports and installs at the main water supply for your whole house water filtration needs


  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: Up To 20,000-Gallon Filtration Capacity. Sediment Filter Cartridge Included. Our sediment filter has great dirt holding capacity because of the graded density layers, meaning the outer layers are more porous, catching larger particles, while the inner layers are a finer micron catching smaller particles.


  • QUALITY FILTRATION: For sediment particles such as silt, sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved particles. To remove these particles it also allows a better performance for any following filtration.
  • STANDARD SIZE: Includes a standard size 2.5 x 10" filter cartridge. For replacement filters you can use any standard size 2.5 x 10 filter which can be purchased online or at about any local hardware store.
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM: With Filter Cartridge, Wall Bracket, Screws and Housing Wrench.
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