Bluonics 3 Fresh Aire Machines. Includes a bottle of Lavender Fragrance. Has 6 LED Color Changing Lights (3 Pack)

Fresh Aire

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This air purifier harnesses state-of-the-art hydro purification technology, trapping polluted air, smoke, nasty smells, pollen, bacteria, spores and dust.

Then purified air is atomized and released back into the surrounding area, leaving our environment fresh and pollution free.

By mixing few drops of the essential oils to water, you can create beautiful fragrance, completely cleansed air that will combat pets odors, cooking smells, tobacco odors and many other unpleasant scents that may be lingering around your home!

Power Supply

AC 110V / 50Hz


14000 Cubic Feet/Day

Effective Range

≤ 360 sf

Fan Speed One Speed


6 LED Lights

Retention size rate

0.3 Micron
Cleaning instructions:


Fresh Aire Water based air purifier


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