How to eliminate the odor from your water

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Well water can be a great source of clean, fresh water for your home, but it can also come with a few unpleasant surprises, such as an unpleasant smell. This smell can be caused by a variety of factors, such as bacteria, sulfur, iron, and manganese in the water, and can be difficult to get rid of. In this article, we will explore the causes of well water odor and provide practical solutions for getting rid of the smell, as well as tips for preventing odors from occurring in the first place. 

Well water can have a variety of odors, such as a musty or earthy smell, a sulfur or rotten egg smell, or a metallic or bleach-like smell. In order to get rid of the smell of well water, it is important to first identify the cause of the odor.

One common cause of a musty or earthy smell in well water is the presence of bacteria. These bacteria can grow in the well or in the plumbing system and produce a musty or earthy smell. To get rid of this smell, you can shock the well and the plumbing system with chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to kill the bacteria. You can also install a UV water purification system to kill bacteria in the water.

Another common cause of a sulfur or rotten egg smell in well water is the presence of sulfur-reducing bacteria in the well or in the plumbing system. These bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which can give the water a sulfur or rotten egg smell. To get rid of this smell, you can install an aeration system to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas, or install a water treatment system that uses potassium permanganate or sulfur filters to remove the sulfur-reducing bacteria.

Iron and manganese in the water can also cause a metallic or bleach-like smell. To get rid of this smell, you can install a water treatment system that uses whole house water filters, water softener, iron filter, or manganese filter to remove the iron and manganese. 

In addition to identifying and treating the cause of the odor, you can also take steps to prevent odors from occurring in the first place. This includes regular maintenance of your well and plumbing system, such as cleaning the well and the pipes, and testing the water regularly for bacteria and other contaminants.

There are several ways to prevent odors in well water:

  1. Installing a water treatment system can help eliminate odor smells in well water by removing the contaminants that cause the odor. A water treatment system can be customized based on the specific contaminants present in the well water.
  2. Shock chlorination: This involves adding a high concentration of chlorine to the well to kill off bacteria that cause odors.
  3. Aeration: This method involves introducing air to the water to help remove odors caused by dissolved gases.
  4. Activated carbon filters: These filters are effective at removing organic compounds that cause odors.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide: Adding hydrogen peroxide to well water can help eliminate sulfur odors.
  6. Zinc or copper anodes: These metal rods can be installed in the well to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odors.

Overall, getting rid of the smell of well water requires identifying the cause of the odor and taking steps to remove or treat it. This can include installing a water treatment system, shock chlorinating the well and plumbing system, and regular maintenance and testing. Check out our Well Water Filtration Buyers Guide for more information on which system is best for your situation. Bluonics offers wide variety of water filtration systems for many different applications. Contact us for proper recommendations, sizing and price. Give us a call (916) 975-6220 or email at

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