Is Alkaline Water Good for Your Health?

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Alkaline water has been a rising focus in recent years, continually being studied by scientists and researchers, along with gaining traction amongst society for its increased health potential over plain water. This water has made its way into the health and wellness sector primarily because there are extra minerals within it, and higher pH levels. If you have heard of Alkaline water but are not quite sure what it entails, here is an overview of why you may want to consider trying it out for yourself.

What is Alkaline Water?

Water has certain pH levels, ranging from 1 to 14. Water that is closer to 1 is more acidic, and water that is closer to 14 is more basic. Keep in mind that drinking acidic water can cause some pretty damaging effects on your body and make you feel quite sick. So basic, or at least water in the "normal" range is ideal for your overall health.

As a reference, tap/bottled water usually lands somewhere around a pH balance of 7. However, Alkaline water typically is around 8, meaning it is more basic than both tap or purified water. The reason for this is the minerals found in the water, including controlled amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, making the water more alkaline.


Benefits of Alkaline Water

There have been numerous studies, trials, and observations that link to some significant health benefits for those who choose to drink Alkaline water.

Some notable benefits that alkaline water may have include:

  1. Alkaline water helps your stomach and gastrointestinal tract by reducing acid reflux. Since alkaline water can diffuse your stomach's acidity due to its high pH balance, it serves as a buffer and can neutralize the acidity in your digestive system.
  2. May help your immune system neutralize your body’s acidity from various toxins. Everything you eat, the environment you live in, and the air you breathe can all contain toxins that alkaline water can help rid you from.
  3. You may obtain better bone health due to the minerals found in the water, especially the calcium content. It is also said to help with bone diseases such as osteoporosis and can lower bone resorption markers almost immediately (the attributes that can cause bone diseases).
  4. Since alkaline water contains plenty of antioxidants, it can help neutralize your free radicals, the unstable molecules in your body that seek stability, causing cellular and DNA damages that turn into increased aging and foster an array of diseases.
  5. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. Because of that, there is a potential protective effect against cancer because it is theorized that alkaline water can “starve” any prominent cancer cells in the body. The balancing of your pH levels may slow or even stop cancer growth, but this is still being tested.
  6. Another study showed that those who drank alkaline water after exercising had a small change in blood viscosity compared to the bottle drinkers. “After exercise-induced dehydration, consumption of the electrolyzed, high-pH water reduced high-shear viscosity by an average of 6.30% compared to 3.36% with standard purified water (p = 0.03).”


Is Alkaline Water Safe?

Yes. Alkaline water is safe to drink, there are zero risks for drinking it. In addition, it tends to taste much sweeter and smoother than plain water, which is always a plus.


How to make Alkaline water at home, from tap water?

One way you can obtain alkaline water is by purchasing it bottled. Though easy, this can be extremely costly over time and is not a favorable solution to help the environment. Bottled Alkaline water also increases the risk of you ingesting harsh chemicals leaked into your water source that were used to produce the bottle.

An effective method to make alkaline water is to use an Alkaline Mineral Filter after your already filtered water. Adding Bluonics Alkaline filter add-on to your RO system is the way to go. It is a cost-effective way to add alkaline minerals to your water, and gain the benefits above without the harmful side effects the bottled option hosts.

The Bluonics Reverse Osmosis systems will make your water pure, and the Alkaline Mineral Filter will take it to the next level. For more vital information as to why you should use this, you can read more about that here.



pH+ Alkaline water is an easy way to make your pure water alkaline, and to leverage benefits of consuming alkaline water. It will help you stay hydrated and replenish your body, with clean water. Just remember that alkaline water (and plain water) is not a cure-all resource. Though the health benefits are seemingly proficient, it does require you to eat healthily and maintain a proper diet in order for you to get the optimal positive outcomes.


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