When is it time to change my filters?

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To always enjoy the best water possible from your filtration system it is very important to change filters periodically. If we neglect to change our water filters on a regular basis, our drinking water may experience some troubling symptoms

As the filters get used, they can become clogged and might not be able to filter out contaminants as effectively. If you keep using a water filtration system with dirty filters, it might not work as well and the water might not be as clean and pure as it should be. In addition, dirty filters can buildup bacteria , which could pose a health hazard. By scheduling regular filter changes, you can rest assured your water is clean and safe to drink.

The frequency at which you need to change your filters varies depending on the quality of your source water and your daily usage. However, a good rule of thumb is every 6-9 months.

The majority of Bluonics systems use the following types of filters:

• Pre-filter: Every 3 to 6 months
• Post-filter such as Sediment, CTO, GAC: Every 6 to 9 months
• UV filter (lamp): Once a year or every 9,000 hours of use
• Filtration tanks: Every 3 to 7 years

For Bluonics HEPA Air Filter Systems

• We highly recommend changing the air filter every 6-9 months.


Here is the recommended filter change maintenance cycle:

Filtration Unit Filter Cartridges Changing interval Where to buy
Well Units Yarn, Carbon, Sediment Every 6-9 Months
Whole House Yarn, Carbon, Sediment Every 6-9 Months
Reverse Osmosis Sediment, CTO, GAC,T33, Membrane

Stage 1-3: every 6-9 Months

T33: every 2 years

Membrane: every 4 years

Undersink Filters Sediment, CTO, GAC, UV Light

Stage 1-3: every 6-9 Months

UV bulb: every year

Air Filters HEPA Filters, UV Light Every 6-9 Months
UV bulb: every year
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