Whole House Water Filters

Ensure your water in your house is safe with a Whole House Water Purification solution. Bluonics offers various effective solutions for you.

These filtration systems can be used for
  • City, Municipality Water
  • Ground Water, Well Water
  • Surface water, Rain, Lake, River, Stream (creek) Shallow well

Whole house water filters guarantee that every single tap in your house has clean, healthy water that you can trust to use for yourself and your loved ones. Multiple stages of filtration plus Ultraviolet UV Filtration remove many impurities and contaminants from water, and protect the plumbing system of your house, appliances, and of course your family.

How to choose the best system for your whole home:
  • What are the contaminants your need to remove from your source water? These contaminants might be sediments, chlorine, chemicals, minerals, bacteria such as E. coli, coliform, Giardia, Salmonella, etc.
  • What flow rate do you need? For homes smaller than 2,000 sf with 1-2 bathrooms, you can choose the smaller units 4.5” x 10” or 2.5” x 20” solutions. For Larger homes and commercials, we highly recommend going with our larger units that are 4.5” x 20” at 24 GPM flow rate.
  • Do you need Ultraviolet water purifier? Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria, virus and germs. UV systems do not use any chemicals like chlorine or leave any harmful by products.

Click here for a Step by Step Buyer’s Guide for Whole House Water Filters.

For mobile homes, RV and trailers, please check Bluonics Standard Flow Filtration Systems.