Big Blue Carbon Replacement Water Filters 12pcs GAC Granulated 4.5" x 10" Cartridges for Chlorine, Taste and Odor

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  • SAFE & RELIABLE: Bluonics whole house filter reduce many impurities from your water by 99% and protect your family and appliance from chlorine, pesticides, odor, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, organic solvents and various other contaminants. No more smelly or bad tasting water. Bluonics Carbon filters are environmentally friendly, chemical Free, no chlorine, no change of taste, color, and odor. Do not change acidic or alkaline water levels and has no impact on pH.
  • QUALITY: Fits most standard size 4.5 x 10” Filter housings. Is highly effective for both residential and commercial water purification, and can be used for city/municipal or well water.
  • EFFECTIVE: removes chlorine, bad taste, odor and many impurities from tap water to offer sparkling clean and great tasting water throughout your whole house.
  • Please note this filter is not a Reverse Osmosis and will NOT reduce (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids from your water. Looking for a system to remove TDS, you
    can check Bluonics RO systems. The cartridges are individually wrapped for freshness. Please unwrap the cartridges before using them.
  • Great after sales customer support: 30-day money-back guarantee. Extended manufacturer warranty. Lifetime tech support from Bluonics in Sacramento, California, USA


12 Pcs Standard Size 4.5”x 10” Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) (5 micron). Adsorbs and removes bad taste and odors. Also a large variety of organic contaminants such as chlorine and chemicals linked to cancer, like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, Trihalomethanes, Benzene, and many volatile organic compounds such as VOC's, PCB's, MTBE's along with hundreds of other chemicals and contaminants that may be present in our water.

Flow rate: 5-15 GPM (Depend on Feed Water Pressure). Maximum Pressure: 80 psi, SUGGESTED WORK PRESSURE: UNDER 50 PSI, Temperature:40-110°F/5-45°C. You might experience an initial pressure drop after installation. Save money and time. Average life time 6 months. (Depends on your water quality)

Compatible with systems from: 3M, APEC, Aqua-Pure, Aquasana, Culligan, Costway, DuPont, GE, Geekpure, Glacier Bay, Global Water, Olympia, Pentek, Smart Aqua Life, The Perfect Water, US Aqua, Whirlpool All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Questions about water or air purification systems? Contact us at (888) 207-8939. We will be more than happy to help you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alexander Bruton (Biloxi, Mississippi, United States)
Whole House Filters

I have used these exclusively for three years. If they weren’t good I wouldn’t use them. I wish they offered a discount for repeat customers.

Ed Walsh (La Crescent, Minnesota, United States)
Excellent Service and Product

Excellent service and product. Easy to order and very fair price.

Norm Long (Greencastle, Pennsylvania, United States)

Like the filter is far as taking out chlorine taste, but disappointed with the amount of pressure it’ slows water pressure too much

lora phelps (Gates, North Carolina, United States)
Big Blue Carbon Replacement Filters

I love these filters. I use the whole house filters and I use 2 of them at at time on our house. They are better than the comparable ones that I bought from Lowes with the original kit i bought. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Leah (Denver, North Carolina, United States)

I had been using Lowes product for long time. The price is too high. I am happy to know your filter referred by a friend. Great quality and fair price.

S. Schultz (Strafford, New Hampshire, United States)
Happily Satisfied

This was my first time ordering filters for the system I had installed several months ago. The filters fit perfectly and my water is delicious! Thank you!

Jeffrey Edwards (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
Great service

Prompt fast delivery.

Frederick Baker (Pentwater, Michigan, United States)
The jury is out

How can I comment? Only a week in use. I put in a water softener to take out the iron in my water and I put this filter in front of the water softener to protect that investment. I have always liked the taste of the water going through a carbon filter. The Big Blue filters work well with taste. I used two in series. It they only lasted three weeks and when they clogged they also failed to filter for taste.

This cartridge is different in how it filters. The Big Blue allowed water to push through the filter horizontally through the sides. This filter allows the water to only enter from the bottom vertically. There is a plastic sleeve on the outside of the filter tha I thought i was going to have to remove… the sleeve prevents you from seeing how dirty the filter is. The blue plastic stays in pristine in appearance. The filter rattles when you turn it over.

Anyway, I bought 12 of these. I don’t know how yet I’ll tell when a filter needs to be changed. I am only using one filter in front of the water softener.

By the way, I am very pleased with the water softener removing the iron from my water. It removes 9 PPM iron and I buy salt that also helps with iron removal.

Carolyn Guthleben (Erie, Pennsylvania, United States)
Case is f water filters

I ordered a case of filters. I have a heck of a time finding them in my small town. I have well water that is very potable but smells sometimes. The filters came quickly with a 20% discount and free shipping. I saved $15 dollars a filter not considering the gas and what time it worth. Great great product and value. I a huge fan and will use this company again and recommend them to everyone. I love a happy ending. Thanks Bluonics

Ryan Shields (Utica, New York, United States)
So far so good

Package came in a timely matter and it was a fair price. The filters seem to work well.

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